Why Do I Need Estate Planning?

You have worked hard to obtain the assets you own and want to take care of those closest to you the way YOU choose.  This means you need an estate plan. An estate plan is more than merely a will covering what happens at your death. 


Each state has created intestancy laws that control what happens with your assets upon your death.  If you do not create your own estate plan, these laws come in to effect and govern how your estate is distributed.  Distribution of your assets at your death can be through a will or a trust, and there are many deciding factors when determining which is right for you.  If you have minor children these documents are also critically important to determine their care upon your death.


There are also many assets people own that are not automatically distributed under a will or trust, such as jointly owned property, life insurance policies and retirement accounts.  Your plan should account for all of these assets and make sure their distribution matches up with all of your goals. 


A comprehensive estate plan should also consist of a Power of Attorney to appoint an Agent to handle your financial matters during your life should you be unable to do so and an Advance Medical Directive appointing an Agent to make health care decisions for you.